I'm a bit overdue for an anniversary post- well, any post, for that matter- but I wanted to share some pictures from our trip up to Happy Jack. I had never heard of this particular Arizona destination until our good friend Alex put us in touch with friends of hers who built a cabin there- a cabin they graciously open up to people like us who need a relaxing getaway free from distractions, but with all the comforts of home. We couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised when we arrived at our destination- the pictures explain it all:

The front room, complete with a TV, a Wii (Cody's favorite), and a fireplace.

It was raining and windy that day- so nice with the skylights above the fireplace πŸ™‚

The room we stayed in (there were three to choose from).

A pool table! SCORE!

The awesomest bathtub ever…

LOVED this kitchen. We were set to go and didn't have to worry about eating out- it was fantastic.

Mornings were restful πŸ™‚

Played some Jenga in true nerd fashion.

Hanalei showing off.

Probably my favorite picture ever taken… so sweet πŸ™‚

Working on nursery ideas at Macy's, home of The Best Hot Chocolate I've Ever Had.

In Flagstaff.

On the way back from Flag… welcome to our life πŸ™‚

The sky was like whoa that day.

The outside of the cabin.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Chocolate cake for dessert… and breakfast… and snacks…

It snowed on our way back to Phoenix… then rained… then the clouds
cleared and the sun was blazing and we had to turn on the A/C when we
arrived back in the desert. Only in Arizona.


We had such a fantastic time. It was the perfect trip to celebrate this last time with just the two of us before we being the adventure known as parenthood. Many thanks to the Bodes for creating such a wonderful place and sharing it with us and many others.

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