Help us decide- to bring baby or not to bring baby?

Cody and I are headed to Nashville for our anniversary and have run into quite the dilemma as to whether we should bring LJ or not. The thought of not bringing her along bums both of us out big time because we want her with us and can't imagine being away from her that long.

On the flip side, the thought of bringing her along STRESSES US OUT.

We have a sitter-in-waiting if we decide not to take her along, so that isn't the issue. And it certainly isn't an issue of wanting her there- of course we do. What we get stressed out about is the plane ride there (the child can NOT sit still- and screams at the top of her lungs if she's forced to!), the naps she requires, the fact that we probably won't be able to get out to experience Music City the way it was meant to be experienced (like go to shows), cloth diapering, whether we'll get quality time together (since it is for our anniversary) or if we'll spend the whole time chasing our constanty-on-the-go little girl around. And I really feel like we need some time to focus on each other instead of always dealing with life's daily demands (not just LJ- I would never complain about that- but everything as a whole). I feel like life hasn't made much room for our marriage to grow in recent months with all of the commitments and changes we have faced- all good ones, but the days are definitely speeding by more quickly than ever before!

But we love our daughter to pieces and want her with us when we travel. It really makes me sad to think of being away from her that long, about taking pictures in this fun new place and her not being in them. She's fascinated by everything around her and when I imagine the look on her little face when we show her a leaf turned red by fall, or snuggle with her to keep her warm, I can't imagine her not being there! So if we're gonna bring her, we need to be prepared to have her with us, and it needs to happen fast.

So we don't know what to do. We're both completely torn. I know lots of moms out there have little ones that they have traveled with (or maybe didn't) and have opinions and advice for us since we're getting down to the wire. So what advice or experiences can you share to help us decide?

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9 thoughts on “Help us decide- to bring baby or not to bring baby?

  1. My thought is not to bring her. She’ll have NO MEMORY of you guys being gone, and she’ll be well taken care of while you are there. You’ll miss her, sure, but bringing a baby on a trip makes it that – a TRIP…not a VACATION. There will be no freedom for you for all of the reasons you mentioned in your post. I think it’s totally ok for parents to take vacations on their own – without the kids. As it says in Babywise…children are an addition to a marriage..they are not supposed to take over the marriage. You two deserve a little time away for your ANNIVERSARY. A time to re-charge.

  2. My answer for you is no, don’t bring her. Like the above comment – she won’t even remember you guys being away.
    You guys need this time together, as a couple – rekindle that flame that is often times put out due to being parents. (put out = no alone time). You guys need this. Take advantage of it now.
    And flying with an infant is NOT fun. My little one is a squirm worm as well and it was a long 3 hr flight (by myself w/ her). I don’t recommend it, right now.
    xoxo, happy anniversary to you two!

  3. I have to agree with the other two commenters. Traveling with children adds SO MUCH stress. If you don’t have to bring her, I wouldn’t. It will be so sweet when you get to see her again after a few days away, I promise!

  4. i totally understand why it is so hard to leave her but it would be really great for you and cody to have some alone time, go on dates, recharge and have some fun as a married couple πŸ™‚ i still have total separation issues when i have to leave claire for a long period of time, but in the end this trip will give you the opportunity to just be hubby and wife for a few days and not mommy and daddy, which every good parent needs! when it is time for a family vacation: i think the flight will be doable, everyone does it eventually. yes, it is kinda stressful but just apologize to the folks around you in advance, bring a portable dvd with her fav show, etc and it is over before you know it. there will be lots of chances to make all those family trip memories as she grows up, just remember it is okay for you and cody to get a break alone too!

  5. Erick and I went thru the same struggle we decided to leave Josiah behind and we are glad we did even though we missed him tons. It ended up too I was 6 weeks pregnant we found out 2 days before we left. That was our first and only vaca we took without our kid(s) before Ireland came along….take some hubby time it is super important!

  6. Awesome advice, ladies! Thank you SO much! You’ve really helped me feel better about taking a trip sans LJ… and that being said, I think we really do need this time alone after all the madness that’s been going on in both our lives πŸ™‚

  7. Ok first of all- that headband should NEVER LEAVE LJ’S HEAD. Adorable!!! Wow. She’s so pretty!
    And I agree with everyone- definitely take the time for you two! We took Cruz to Seattle (granted it wasn’t a vacation, but a job interview) and while I don’t regret bringing him, it was a ton of work! I’d do it all again, especially since I think it’s important to get your kiddos traveling young, but I think I would have left him home had it been a vaca for our anniversary. She won’t remember and she will be well taken care of! I know it’ll be hard to be without her, but it’s important to focus on your marriage for sure! Definitely go and enjoy with Cody! When LJ’s a little older you can always take her back to see the sights! xoxo

  8. I agree w/ all the others ladies comments. My husband and I recently celebrated our 3rd Anniversary when our babe was 4 months old. We just did something local here in Phoenix but we got a babysitter & really made a point to do something just the two of us for our anniversary. I think it’s important to keep those moments special for you & your spouse! Of coarse you want your child with you for every experience, etc. No one would or should ever doubt that. But, I think it’s really important to make time for your spouse and your marriage. It makes your marriage better, you better and you are better parents for it in the end! πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy your trip to Nashville, I’ve always wanted to go, hope you’ll write a post about your trip when you get back! πŸ™‚

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