You Are My Sunshine- my first giveaway!


We have a winner! I was away from my computer yesterday, so my apologies for not announcing sooner. But many congrats to comment #1- Julie! Julie said:

LOVING the Beach Street Lamp – SO cute! But then again, all her designs
are awesome and unique! Thanks for doing a giveaway!!! Keep doing what
you're doing – both of you! πŸ˜‰ I tweeted, facebooked and now I'm tired.
– xoxo Julie"

I will contact you and connect you with Sam so you can customize and claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone who participated and I can't wait to share my next giveaway with you!

{Winner chosen using the Random Integer Generator at}


I'm so excited to share my first giveaway with you, courtesy of a sweet new decal design company called 3rd Ave. Shore. I'd like to to meet my new friend, Sam:


Sam and I share a couple of mutual friends, and while I was surfing Facebook one day I came across her profile, totally intrigued by (and jealous of! Ha!) this Arizona native's new Hawaiian life. I saw that she had started a fun new business and loved her Hawaiian-inspired designs. I get so excited when I see someone follow what they love and turn it into a business, and I love to help get the word out when I can! So as soon as I saw her "Sunshine" decal, I knew that I had to connect with her! That is still one of my favorite lullabies and I have fond childhood memories of its melody, and I sing it to LJ all the time. Turns out that Sam's inspiration for this decal comes from her own childhood memories of her dad singing it to her when she was a wee one. We both agree that it is a song that brings so much joy- and it is the perfect addition to a room for someone you love!

I just put this lovely up in LJ's room and I love it! It's right
above her crib- we took down the tree mobile and replaced it with this.
It was easy to install and leaves no mess!


There's my little sunshine modeling in her crib. As if I was going to post anything without her mug in a shot or two.



When I received my decal, there was a sweet little surprise in there: a Personalized Paisley initial with a Plumeria! It inspired me to decorate LJ's bathroom with beach decor and I plan to put this in a frame and hang on the wall. That's a work in progress, but here it is so you can see what to expect when you order:


And a detail of the Plumeria:



3rd Ave. Shore is a company that strives to be original and unique. One of the most striking things about Sam is that she is so genuine and kind and that reflects in her designs as well as in her business practice! She is very intentional about staying true to her passion and not conforming to what everyone else is doing- or what everyone would expect of a shop like hers. Charming, inspirational quotes and hand-drawn designs are among the many offerings at her Etsy shop. The possibilities are endless and you can't help but feel the aloha when you surf through her shop! Be sure to visit and show her some love!

That being said, ABOUT THAT GIVEAWAY.

We want to share the sunshine with you!

Sam will send our winner the Sunshine decal in his or her choice of colors- a $65 value!

So… how do you win?

You have three opportunities to enter:

1. Visit her Etsy shop and comment back with your favorite item. Also, share your favorite lullaby just for kicks! (No, saying "You Are My Sunshine" will NOT up your chances of winning… ha!)

2. Tweet about this giveaway using my Twitter handle, @babystepstomom, and link back to this post. Comment here saying that you tweeted.

3. Like 3rd Ave. Shore on Facebook and come back and comment to let me know!

Got it? Three separate comments, three separate entries!

Contest will close on Wednesday, August 25th at midnight. Any entries received after this time will not be considered. Open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be posted on Thursday, August 26th!

In case you were dying to know what my next purchase will be: This lovely here in gray with a yellow plumeria for above our bed- perfect to reminisce about our honeymoon in Kauai! I also love the bike decal… and the Paisley Chair… and, and, and… I could seriously go on all day so I'll stop for now πŸ™‚

Thank you, Sam, for sharing your talent with my readers! 

{Interested in having Baby Steps to Mom host a giveaway? Click the "Email me" link at the top of the page- right above my Bird Calls- and let me know!}

17 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine- my first giveaway!

  1. I’m LOVING the Beach Street Lamp – SO cute! But then again, all her designs are awesome and unique! Thanks for doing a giveaway!!! Keep doing what you’re doing – both of you! πŸ˜‰ I tweeted, facebooked and now I’m tired. – xoxo Julie

  2. And now I’ve “Liked” her on Facebook! Still working on figuring out what Twitter is, but once I do I’ll get that going too!

  3. Can I say two favorites? I love the “you are my sunshine” one…and I also love the “Hope Dream Laugh Love Believe” one. I have been searching for the perfect decal for a wall of our nursery once we bring our baby boy home. Both of those are just so sweet. My favorite lullaby is one my grandpa made up about me when I was little, just like all the rest of my cousins. It’s recorded on cassette tape and I’ll save it forever!

  4. These are amazing pieces of art! I saw the give away because of Jessica Williams so much thanks to her!! I don’t have a tweet but will put up a link on my facebook (maybe that’s sufficient??)
    I also “liked” he on facebook!
    I have 2 that I love, the Beautiful Life Quote-Dance in the Rain and the Abstract Swirl Large Unique Tree
    The Beautiful Life Quote is really most applicable to my life now because my husband and I moved to AZ a year ago and it has really taught us to “dance in the rain”. There are many times I want to be back east (especially with a new baby!), but we really feel the Lord brought us here so we’re learning to keep on moving forward rather than waiting for our time here to be done.
    My love for the Tree is a whole other story, but also related to the growth of our family and the relationship btwn my husband and I!
    Oh.. I don’t have a favorite lullaby quite yet, BUT I often resort to Jesus Loves Me or Amazing Grace!

  5. I like the Bird Birdie on floral tree branch with diamonds. That is the exact color of my walls and I love the contrast of the white wall decal against it.
    My favorite lullabye is Twinkle, Twinkle little star. Jewel sings this on one of her albums and it is so AWESOME. She has the voice of an angel.

  6. I love the tree. I would prob give it to Angie, because she loves trees. My fave lullabies are Rainbow Connection my mom used to sing “If a picture paints a thousand words” by Bread to me.

  7. I like the Too Blessed to be Stressed decal… sometimes when I am stressed out from a hard day of work, I could glance at that decal and remember all that I DO have and reduce the amount of stress that I am feeling by thinking about more positive things. I sang (and still sing to my grandkids) Rock a Bye Baby as a favorite lullaby. My hubby and ex are both Guatemalan and would sing Spanish lullabies to the kids as well.

  8. ok, so my favorite thing is the mermaid! Its perfect as we are doing my oldest daughters bathroom in a mermaid chic theme.
    Also, no kissing up here but the lullaby in our house thats the favorite actually is “you are my sunshine” we even know all the extra verses, not just the standard song. So, that being said…great choice!

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