Once of my favorite Etsy shops, Le Papier Studio, specializes in "Elegant Silhouette Creations" ranging from wall art to pillows and even necklaces. I'm still working on redecorating my office on a very slim budget, and have a bunch of frames from Goodwill that I plan to paint white and fill with family photos for a wall gallery. Then I came up with the idea to make my own silhouette of Linnea to add to the collection. I painted the frame and mat white, traced a photo of her that I took while she was sleeping, cut it out of black paper using an Xacto knife, and put it on a beautiful piece of pink damask scrapbook paper. It was a fun project that turned out beautifully, although if you want an expert to do it, head on over to the Le Papier Studio and request a custom order. I personally want a necklace! Mother's day gift, perhaps? (HINT, HINT.)

So I turned this (Awwww…):

Into this!

The office is still a work-in-progress, but I'm wrapping it up and will be posting pictures in the near future!

3 thoughts on “Silhouette.

  1. Adorable, Andrea!! Did you happen to know that I am also a huge fan of Le Papier Studio? It was the first Etsy shop I visited after my friend bought me a print from there! I’m friends with Vana, the artist/owner and she actually just asked me to guest post on her blog! She’s super sweet and so talented!
    PS. I have one of the necklaces…super cute. I’ll have to show you!

  2. Who the frick are you??!! I wish I had 1/2 of your creative talent for all things crafty! I might need your help if the baby I’m having is a little girl! We’ll find out in just over a week! But seriously, that silhouette you made of Linnea is adorable!!!
    xo Jess

  3. Kim- I actually found out about her through your blog- and immediately fell in love with her stuff! Definitely pull out the necklace for our meeting next week- I can only imagine how cute it is 🙂
    Jess- You bet I’ll help you out- you know how much I love making girly things. You find out so soon- I can’t wait!

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