Happy Birthday, Mum Mum.

Today is my dear grandmother's 95th birthday. She has been a major part of my life since I can remember- she moved in with my parents and I when I was only four years old. Twenty-five years! I wish I could say she is in great health at such an age, but sadly, that is just not the case. Things seem to be declining quickly these days, and at this point I am just praying that she will be here to meet her newest great-granddaughter come January 2010. I am confident that she will, but with these things you just never know. I ask for God's mercy and blessings on her every single day.

I love this picture of us. I was fighting tears because she couldn't be at our wedding, but I am so happy that this picture captures her laugh so well.

Mum Mum always loved me unconditionally. And there were times
when I was very, VERY unlovable. I am so thankful for her example of
unconditional love because I will carry that with me for the rest of my
life. She is so much more than just a good example to me, though. I
love her dearly and hope that today is a day full of clarity and good
health, if only enough to enjoy this day that belongs to her.

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