Holy heartburn!

I woke up a couple of nights ago around 12:30 feeling as if I would spontaneously combust at any moment. I tried in vain to ignore the awful sensation, but I had to get up to pee anyway, so I got up and took care of business, and felt such enormous pressure in my entire torso that I worried I would simply burst. Being that I have never experienced heartburn until I became pregnant, I never knew how bad it could be. And whoa Nellie, that was a horrendous experience.

Heartburn Lesson #1: Don't scarf down a humongous meal, under any
circumstances. Earlier that night, I made salmon cakes, wild rice and green beans for
dinner, and we were pressed for time to get to our friends' house by
7:00. It was a huge meal and we ate fast. I don't care if the world is ending and you have to
evacuate immediately, JUST TAKE YOUR TIME. You don't have to tell me
this is why I had the worst case of heartburn in the history of the
human race accompanied by a balloon-like sensation in my boobs and
tummy. TRUST ME, I KNOW. 

I was fortunate in that it didn't last long and I was able to fall back asleep. I know that it's important to sleep propped up when hit with a blazing inferno in your chest, but what other remedies are out there to alleviate the symptoms? My doctor recommended cider vinegar tablets and those didn't do a whole lot to help the situation. She wasn't a fan of Tums. I'm all for natural remedies but I couldn't imagine dealing with that kind of pain and sheer discomfort on a regular basis. I've read all kinds of good articles, like this one on BabyCenter, but I'd like to hear from moms who have dealt with this and found relief in one form or another. Ready… set… GO!

On another note, last night Baby was flipping around in the tummy, the most movement I have felt so far, and Cody even felt a little twitch when he put his hand on my belly! It was the most exciting moment of my pregnancy so far… anything that makes my husband feel more connected to the process is the best thing I could ask for. Four days until we find out what we're having!

4 thoughts on “Holy heartburn!

  1. My midwife is okay with Tums so I take those, although I can’t say I find them very helpful. I also sleep propped up if needed (although that gets hard when you are large and MUST sleep on your side.) Most important for me is… do not take my prenatal vitamins at night! I have to take my vitamins in the morning on a full stomach to avoid the late night tummy blaze. Good luck1

  2. I had the worst heartburn ever (And it doesn’t mean your baby is going to have anything resembling hair- CRUZ??!). I ate a lot of Tums. I wasn’t a fan either, but I would take 2 or 3 at a time and it helped. It got to the point to where I couldn’t go to sleep without them. A glass of milk with 2 or 3 Tums helped. And I would sleep propped up most of the time. THAT was annoying, but it helped the heart burn. No matter what I ate, fast, slow- I had pretty bad heart burn. Hope this helps you lady!!

  3. Hi, baby girl. You had mentioned that you like spicy foods – I would stay away form that as much as possible. Sounds pretty blah however it might help. Hope
    to see you soon.

  4. Hey! I was okayed to take Pepcid during both of my pregnancies and would have died without it! I would also take Tums throughout the day when I needed some quick relief. I didn’t find any natural remedies that helped at all. I also didn’t consume anything past 7 pm. Not even water. Sorry to sound gloom and doom but my pregnancy heartburn was brutal! I really hope you feel better!!!

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