Preliminary name list

Some names we like (we've only just begun):

Boys: Luke or Lucas

Girls: Ella or Elle
Evelynne (I like, Cody doesn't)
Callie (then I paired it with Alley… NEVER MIND.)

If you hate your child, name it: 
Homobono. I actually came across this today. Means "good man." As if the meaning matters when your name is "Homobono." ONLY PARENTS WHO HATE THEIR CHILD GIVE IT THIS NAME. If you named your child this and you are offended, no one cares because now your child has to live with being called HOMOBONO for the rest of his life, or just "Homo" or "Boner" or "Homoboner." Good job with that one.

3 thoughts on “Preliminary name list

  1. Hello! My name is Megan and I too have a pregnancy blog with wordpress. I really enjoy the posts I have read do far! Your names are very cute…I LOVE MICAH and Elijay is adorable. We aren’t finding out the sex of our baby and we have chosen William Cosmo for a boy and Shiloh Lily for a girl. Good luck with the whole name thing!
    I too was surprised with my pregnancy and can totally relate to your story! I was all signed up for a MAsters that would change my career…..Now I am signed up for a whole new life!
    I am excited to follow your journey!

  2. I’d like to suggest you keep your name choice a secret. It makes for a fun surprise when the baby is born and then you don’t get opinions from EVERYONE in the “peanut gallery” as I call it.

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