Hello world!

Hello world, indeed. I didn't even bother changing the title of this post because it already automatically evokes thoughts of babies, and also because it's an extra step I'm just too stinking tired to think about right now. Thank you, WordPress geeks, for taking care of the daunting task of naming this post for me. Names aside- and that is a topic for a future post- please don't take this brief post as an indication of those that are yet to come. As a newly pregnant first-timer, after a long day of one single errand and lunch, Coffee Bean and dinner at the soon-to-be grandparents, I am absolutely done in for the night. I am also trying hard not to hurl all over my husband's beloved laptop that he so graciously shares with me (most likely to avoid a hormone-induced fit by yours truly), and that is becoming increasingly hard for two reasons: first, I can feel my dinner at the base of my throat, and second, I am watching that newlyweds show that is on after the Bachelorette, and their current challenge involves running into a kitchen completely infested with BIG GIANT BUGS, which they have to catch with their BARE HANDS and throw in a jar outside the door. If I weren't already barfy to begin with, that sure would seal the deal under normal circumstances.  

If you'd excuse me for now, I have to go make some room in my esophagus for cookies 'n' cream ice cream. Let the fun begin!

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